(...) We introduce 20 crafts: pottery, enamel maker, felt maker, shredder, husks doll maker, basket, wood carving, wooden sculpture, Gingerbread maker, mold maker, embroidery, weaving, forging, leathercraft, egg painting, doll making, pearl dressing, felt making, dressing. Each profession was represented by one master. A total of 20 masters attended the show.

At weekend (25th and 26th) was the Family Day, with the same crafstmens. The cultural program was excedeed with: folk art fair, folk food tasting, folk music concert, folk dance presentation. In this two days rather families visited us. During the two days nearly 120 people attended our Artists-House. The goals of the Fügedi Marta Folk Art Association Save the Old Peoples Small Crafts in the Countries of Visegrad were almost entirely fulfilled. The primary goal was to give knowledge, to preserve our traditions, to pass on them, to provide a future for these crafts. With our show programs, action, dissemination, we have managed to touch a layer of young people who will certainly have an impact on the acquired experiences in their studies and in the rest of their lives. Originally, we did not plan the Weekend Family Days, but it proved to be a good idea, so we could reach many people with spectacular shows and cultural programs.

Our multi-day events were attended by our partners. The five-member delegation of the Handcraft Association of the Gemer visited us on Friday and Saturday. Especially the gingerbread cookie making process was the most interesting for they. They invited our gingerbread maker master to teach some craftsmanship for them. On Saturday and Sunday our guest was the Polish group, the Association of friends of the regional museum in Tarnów. They discovered unknown crafts and techniques. The next day after this program, we showed them sights of Miskolc. (Of course, our association was also present at the events that they organized, at the Tarnów, conference and Roznawa - exhibition, where we also gained rich professional experiences and created new, forward - looking, loyal relationships.)

The project Save the Old Peoples Small Crafts in the Countries of Visegrad realized by the Márta Fügedi Folk Art Association has enjoyed high media interest at local level. Our local television, MISKOLC TV, has been featured several times in its news reports. In their program "Cultural News" they made a longer set up with the masters, the organizers and the participants.

Two online newspapers: minap.hu, boon.hu also have a detailed account of our activity. Your country channel M5 also produced a short summary of the program, which we saw on the following day under a cultural program.