Save the Old Peoples Small Crafts in the Countries of Visegrad

Miskolc - Rožňava - Tarnów




The Márta Fügedi Folk Art Association

... organized a project from 20 to 26 March 2017 with title: Save the Old Peoples Small Crafts in the Countries of Visegrad. The one week event was organized for several months. The program was split into two parts. In one part, for five days, we presented for schoolchildrens in organized form the folk craftsmanship of our region. The school groups spent two hours in our Creative House during that time. They got to know 7-8 crafts. During the course of the work, the master demonstrated the work processes and tasks of his craft. In this time ethnographic knowledge is transferred to young peoples. The crafts was tried by the students. One day we could generally accept 4 groups and introduce them to project elements. The groups consisted of 10 to 12 people. Thus, we have 40 to 45 young people a day, and we are accommodating 200 schoolchildren together with their teachers. (...)



Handcarft Association of the Gemer organised an exhibition Save the old crafts and vocations in the Visegrad four countries

The exhibition lasted for one week (3 to 10 March, 2017) in Gallery of Mining Museum in Rožňava. The exhibition discovered the old crafts of region Gemer. There were from more than 30 handicrafts wares all of sorts, including ceramics, textiles, carvings, jewelry and much more. The exhibition had more than 500 visitors. The aim of our association is to re-establish and educate traditional crafts. (...)







Preservation of Old Crafts and Vocations in the Visegrad countries - Conference on 7th and 8th of November 2016

Conference programme - Lectures: Maria Danuta, Traditional folk crafts in Malopolska; Patrycja Hajek, Old Romani professions as relics of the past; Urszula Gieron, Crafts and decorative art in Powisle Dabrowski. 8th of November: Trip to Zalipie, meeting with folk painters and craftsmen



Save the Old Peoples Small Crafts in the Countries of Visegrad